Hi, I'm Isabelle and I've created Full of Joy to make you rock at life through real foods and a healthy mindset against the food and beauty industries. Friends laughingly call me a "Food guru". This is why:

As a masters in Psychology at KULeuven, I surprisingly spent lots of time on food and nutrition while hanging over my kitchen stove. Countless hours of research into facts & fiction, combined with the psychology of eating and the science of happiness and I am all prepped to offer you a holistic vision on how to become the most sexy version of yourself, from the inside out. 

I'm here to help you on your journey towards health in body & mind without diets and restriction. I go beyond mindful eating and introduce joyful eating! Be prepared to feel the lightest you've ever felt and radiate a new kind of you into the world.

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Break free from food-worry, overeating and bingeing, learn how to become an effortless & intuitive eater and don't ever let your body hold you back again... Start by getting my 3x3 self-care method below and unleash the Joy in you, cultivate real beauty and put that love back in your tummy...

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Whether you want to learn more about how to nourish your body so it can become the powerhouse it's meant to be, stop the diet-guilt cycle, feel good in your body, reduce emotional eating or all of it together, stay tuned to this page and the upcoming ebooks, courses and masterclasses.

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" Thank you so much for coaching me...I went out to a dinner dance and I couldn’t finish my cheesecake!:))) Enjoyed dancing all evening! :))) Didn’t wear a dress but wore my comfortable sparkly top and leather look trousers and I just felt great in my body! ."

Linda S.

She is awesome! Kind, yet to the point. The breakthroughs I had are incredible. Such a refreshing approach around food and body image!

Kathrin D.

If you are struggling, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend to talk to Isabelle, at least once! She is a super coach and person.

Ronja F.

I was so inspired after the sessions! Don't doubt getting coached by Isabelle, this is the real deal. I felt such relief around food. I now cherish my body and my family is seeing a whole new me...

Sara G.