I see you.

I see you trying to do it all right, but somehow you're exhausted and can't stop thinking about food... 

Isabelle is a native belgian, nomadic in spirit, living with Alexis - her parisian lover- in the south of Portugal. She has a masters in Psychology, is a certified Intuitive Eating counsellor and a Breathwork teacher. She's dedicated to helping women transcend their struggles with food, body & ultimately... life.  (and does so in english, dutch and french)  Deep, vulnerable & authentic connection is the most important value she lives by. When she's not working, you may find her on the beach, sipping coffee at a local cafe or hiking & picking mimosa flowers.

"I've come a very long way... In my teens and early twenties I was very dis-connected from myself, I found myself in relationships and careers that made me unhappy & exhausted, struggling with weight and binge-eating in secrecy. At some point I realised... I realised that all my life I had made decisions in an attempt to be considered 'good enough' and/or please others, dead scared of other people's judgement.  I was the friendliest of friendliest, top grade student, never got angry and made sure I always did the 'right' thing. The good girl complex, as I refer to it now, is a disease that strikes women worldwide, exhausting us, alienating us from our power, our joy and our true purpose in life."


"This manifested for me in an intense struggle with Food and Body that culminated around age 23-25. It was a time in which I had chosen to do it ALL. I combined 2 degrees with a waitressing job, living in an amazing yet overwhelming co-housing and I honestly thought I was doing GREAT, (I thought I was finally going to be "good enough") but somehow I couldn't stop eating...(and dieting... and failing.. and dieting again... and failing..)  See, when we live a life that's not in alignment with who we are, we suffer the consequences. For other people it may come out as burn-out, anxiety or other illnesses. The root cause is often similar. Disconnection from ourselves.

When we know who we are and we boldly live by it,

We're free. We're healthy, We thrive.



 I help women come home to themselves and discover the way to effortless health and radiance. If food and body are the areas where you struggle, then these are the topics where you are called to start the inner work. 


It's not about the food. If it was, your diet would have worked by now and made you happy for life... We know that dieting works short-term but only 5% of people maintain their 'success'. 

"When I found out about 'intuitive eating' and dedicated myself to it, I also got the gift of intuitive living, empowerment and a true deep connection with myself. When I started to work on my inner worth versus worrying over the 'status' that my body gave me, I finally felt free. I am unapologetically myself. I can finally have the impact in the world that I desire.

My body reflects that, my relationships reflect that, my life and business reflect that."

Isabelle's mission is to help women find their way back to themselves and an effortlessly healthy body, often comparing it to the state you felt when you were a child: JOY, carefree, intuitive.

" Life's just a game and we can become better, happier players."

Her 1-1 deep dive coaching is a culmination of 4+ years of coaching experience. She aims at real transformation, taking together techniques to shift the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the cellular memory in the body. 

"Working with Isabelle was the best thing I ever invested in, I only wish I could have done this years ago." Suzanne Klein - Landscape Designer, Edmonton

Find out more about how to work with Isabelle here:  TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING