The story: how did it all come to be...

Full of joy is a reaction to our inherently depressing food culture and beauty obsession...  Having been brainwashed myself from a young age about the importance of my weight, my looks, the symmetry of my face, the musculature of my legs, I slowly but surely forgot what life is truly about. In my early twenties I found myself having repetitive thoughts of unworthiness and a ridiculous relationship with food. Something I know so many women around me just accept as a ‘normal’ state of being.

Then one day I got an epiphany!  No.. actually, I didn’t.  That would have been the easy and shiny story… What happened was, I suffered. I followed all the crap society proscribes us. From diets and restriction to the long search for the perfect figure- dress. Nothing did the trick, and most of all nothing of it provided me with any joy. I realized slowly but surely: this is not it, this is not why I was born, these thoughts about looks and body are only diverting me from what I really want and deserve in life. It’s like a fog lifted from over my head.

I started to read up and research. I woke up to how dysfunctional and neurotic our society handles the topic of food and looks. How my feelings of unworthiness on this topic were unavoidable in this climate. How so many young women and men lose their most vibrant years to worrying about completely useless commerce-pushed topics and diets. Diets cause our body to rebel, when we restrict and deprive food, we tend to overeat, emotionally eat or binge and that’s where the vicious cycyle of disorders can start. I started to wrap my head around the injustice of our society’s “body mania” being projected on us as young, susceptible (wo)men. I got angry and then I got passionate and this is where this journey starts...

Because I strongly believe you deserve to enjoy any food to its fullest without any kind of guilty thought, you deserve to feel at home in your body, flowing and carefree, making it accompany you in your dreams during this magnificent wonder that life is.

Full of joy is all about achieving what’s in its name: being full of joyful thoughts, being full of food that gives joy, feeling light and just satisfied. Shifting your thinking out of restriction and pressure towards a safe place of abundance and acceptance where you feel comfortable being your authentic self, alfways, however it may show up. Start your journey in your inbox by getting the 3x3 method to reconnect with your body and weekly insights to help you forward.


So who am I and how do I certify to help you on this journey?

I am a Msc. Psychologist, graduated from the prestigious KULeuven university in Belgium. Native belgian, currently residing between Portugal and France, I am an avid traveler and perfectly fluent in english, dutch & french. I have done coaching for 4+ years in multiple settings and countries: job, career, life, relationships. In 2017 the relationship to food and body image became my main focus. I am a continuous learner to be able to provide the best tools possible for clients. These are some of the practices I got under my belt: NLP, Vipassana meditation, Phototherapy, Design thinking. Next up on my list are RTT hypnotherapy and exploring TRE (trauma release). And last but not least, I walk the talk. I coach a subject that I have needed to overcome myself. As such, I deeply empathise with my clients. Even though everybody's experience is different, I have a pretty good idea about what you're going through, because I have felt it too. I have tested and validated every tool I use and I am 100% dedicated to your success.