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Ebook: Dealing with emotional food cravings: the No BS way! €4,99

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No bullshit, and effective once and for all. This is not your typical " 10 tips to.. " - ebook. This is a braintraining method to revolutionise the way you deal with emotional cravings. If applied with care and consistency it will not only throw your relationship with food around, but has the potential to actually throw your life around...

I take a whole different approach on emotional eating and food cravings... "The urge to overeat is your ticket to a fascinating journey of introspection." In my book, the cravings are there to help us explore corners of ourselves and our emotions we never knew existed. They should be celebrated...They are tools, and by using them as such, you can and will regain full autonomy over your food choices.

This is an ebook that provides you with a step by step process you can apply in that moment when a craving pops up.