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Private Breathwork session

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In a safe and loving 2h container, we'll discuss your current struggles, the vision you have for yourself and the intention you can bring to your Breathwork practice. I'll discuss in detail the technique and its origins, what you can expect and how you can use it in your day-to-day life. Then you will be guided in a long Breathwork session with me holding space for you.

When we go through a traumatic event or intense emotion, we often store that energy in the body and drag it with us. That makes us prone to linger in that state, it makes change hard and long. Breathwork helps you to permanently release stuck emotion from the body. It is a powerful somatic practice that's essential to any transformation journey. "wow that was better than 10 years of therapy"-> is not an uncommon thing to hear after a session.

Breathwork does what talking can not do... And it's all coming from YOU. Your inner healer. It completely changed the way I inhabit my body, deal with my emotions & stress. It lifted a veil, and it is helping my clients globally release addictive behaviours (with food or other), stress, depression, anxiety and self-heal. 

After the session you will get the recording sent to your email- you can use this at your discretion whenever you need. Once you know this practice, you're good to go on your own. 


Science has shown: lower blood pressure, improves focus and concentration, strengthens immune system, releases stress, better digestion, better sleep, break free from addictive patterns.

Experiential: more emotional balance, releasing traumatic events, quieting the inner critic, more creativity and deep confidence.

If you want to know more before committing and have a little chat- write me at isabelle@fullofjoy.co