Welcome to the Full of Joy Institute

My commitment to you:

I have a masters degree in Psychology from the renowned University KULeuven (Belgium). I'm certified as an Intuitive eating Counselor and I teach Breathwork. In addition I've spent over 10,000 hours of research on our 'eating psychology' & 'holistic transformation', coaching dozens of women and combined this with my personal experience of overcoming food & body issues. The Full of Joy approach is all about Body Confidence, Intuitive Eating, Female Leadership & Energy and Intuitive Living.

There is no one quick answer for all, and if you are tired of being offered empty solutions that don't deliver, then you are on the right page. No 'must and mustnots'. This a sensible approach to health, wellbeing and true confidence cutting out the crap and helping you reconnect to your true self.

I want you to enhance your experience in life, shed the unwanted thoughts &  emotions, feel light & joyful on a daily basis and start focusing on what truly matters! Let's do this...!

ISABELLE YSEBAERT, Full of Joy Institute, Creator and Founder