Pistacchio icecream


Home made ice cream without the fuss: no ice cream machine and only 10 min of preparation instead of the whopping 1,5 hours it can take. Intrigued? Don't turn away now when I tell you this ice cream's main ingredients are avocado's and dates! No, stay with me ok, because this is de-li-cious and totally family-approved.


I love myself a conventional ice-cream and as an anti-diet Mind&Body coach one of the things I tell my clients is : eat everything you want. Restrictions, food plans & cutting out food groups backfires for most of us into overeating: it is basic human psychology. But what I do, is ...I help you refine what it is that you actually want... See, our bodies really do not want ice-cream every day, the trick is to hear its messages and learning to honour them. My clients achieve their  'happy weight' long term by eating whatever they want, tuning into their bodies and learning to handle their emotions without the food.

But anyway, back to the ice-cream, right!  I love traditional ice, but I also love efficiency in my kitchen and I never made my own ice-cream, I mean..who has the time for that? Then I found out you don't need an hour of your time, nor milk, sugar or eggs to make yourselves a heavenly icy treat. The quickest way to make your indulgence is to be found right here, and the added benefit of all the nutrients and fiber in this one will make you want to spoon-feed it to your kids straight away!

pistacchio ice-cream

 =>Yields 4 portions


-2 nicely ripe avocado's

-2 handfuls of unsalted pistacchio nuts (put as many as you and your budget like here)

-13 medjool dates

-teaspoon of liquid vanilla - or to taste.

-optional: some matcha powder to strengthen the beautiful green color. (not more than a small teaspoon! )

 To make the ice-cream 

In a blender or food processor, mix the avocado flesh, dates, pistachio nuts, vanilla and optional matcha powder.

Keep on mixing until you obtain a smooth, even paste.

Put in the freezer overnight

and enjoy pistachio ice-cream the next morning! Leave it out 5 minutes before serving.

Extra killer effect

I topped mine with cacao bits, sesame seeds and berries, but I would also highly recommend some chocolate!!




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