Older, still worthy. The only reason to use face app is this:

Re- the face app old filter and the conversations I've been hearing between women. Some thoughts I'd like to share...

Yes, you will age.

If you’re lucky.

You will know what sagging skin is.

You will have wrinkles in places you didn’t think possible.

You will show the signs of having lived a full life.

I hope you do.

A life of love and loss, of exhilarating joy and excruciating pain, of overcoming things you never thought possible…

But tell me, Beauty, will you fight against your body in the process once more?

Will you buy into society’s messages, subliminally portraying that an ageing woman loses value?

Will you google “-natural?-anti-aging” in an attempt to win some twisted competition to beat nature?

Will you equate your worthiness to how well you age, will you fear the mirror?

You can either bend to the rules of society, buy into the illusion, fund the botox money machine and be ruled by insecurity, fear & lack


make society bend to you. You can refuse to sign up to beauty standards celebrating only teen bodies.

You can allow yourself to feel powerful, strong and fierce WITH wrinkles, sagging skin and a bit of incontinence...

Ageing carefree and naturally is an act of rebellion for a woman. Who's with me?

Beauty does NOT fade with age, beauty has been wrongly defined. “Men do NOT age better than women, men are just allowed to age”. (Carrie Fisher)

See through the illusion, question your beliefs about your body. Even though they may feel very real to you, they are not, they’re just constructions, ideas passed down to you by a society that still judges women more on appearance than content.

The only reason to use face app is to do this filter, look at your future self and send her some love. Promise her that you’ll be there , standing in your infinite inner power, fierce, vibrant, worthy. Not letting wrinkles make her feel smaller...”